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Solar loo's in rough terrain lighting driveway

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lights do you have?

We carry Solar Landscape lighting for any and all scenarios.  For your garden, walkways, pathways as well as flood lighting for your trees, flag poles and entry ways. You can also use our flood lights as security lighting on your office buildings! We have ledge style lighting for address marking, fences and decks too!

How long will they last?

SunTino offers a lifetime housing warranty because we are confident our solar lights are going to last a lifetime. Each part on our solar light is replaceable down to the batteries and ground stake!

Are they easy to install?

Everything SunTino sells is wireless, so it’s as easy as landscape lighting can get! The hardest light to install is the wall pack which is simply two screws. You just have to make sure they’re aligned.  We also offer installation guides and over the phone guidance.

Do I need sun?

Yes,  you need sun! Our SunTino solar lights all require a minimum of 4 hours of daylight to run. They are powered by the sun, with the sun and there is no way around needing the sunshine.

How expensive are they?

SunTino Solar lights are comparable to wired landscape lights in terms of cost, if not cheaper. You will have no transformer cost, wire costs, or installation costs. Think about the money you’ll save on your electricity bill, too.

Where can I buy them?

SunTino Solar Lights can be purchased right here on our website


In our show room at:
 2425 West Industrial Blvd. Suite 1 in Long Lake, Minnesota

We are open to the public Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4pm

Types of Lighting SunTino carries

Lighting for EVERY need.

Contemporary Pathway Lighting

The SolarLoo is perfect for homes or businesses due to its contemporary look with sleek and incredibly sturdy  designs.

Adjustable Height Garden Lighting

The original SunTino Solar light, the SolarGarden, is perfect for lighting elevated gardens and plants. Adjustable for any setting.

Versatile Flood Lighting

The SolarFlood is designed for flag poles, trees, wall washing, signage, and more because of the multiple mounting possibilities for all your solar lighting needs. 

Table Top and Event Lighting

Use the SolarMesa for nighttime on the deck or patio or for evening events with lighting needs! Can also be used inside as a lighting backup when the power goes out!

Wall Lighting and Security Lighting

Optional up or down lighting SolarWallPack, with removable solar panel for better sun accessibility.  Good for industrial buildings, entry ways, shed lighting, canopy lighting, and columns!

Ledge Style Lighting

Use the SolarAddress light wherever there is a ledge. On decks, address markers, entrance columns, fences and more.  

Solar Landscape Lighting

A desert landscape with cactus and saguaro beautifully illuminated by premium solar lights at night.

Lighting for Every Setting

Landscape lighting is universal and we believe there is no property out there that would not benefit from having landscape lighting.  


Design and Beauty

Adding lighting to a property increases your curb appeal and increases your property value. 

A home is illuminated with premium solar lighting as dusk settles in.

Safety and Security

Landscape lighting increases the safety of your home. Having outdoor lighting deters intruders and gives the illusion of people being home at all times.

Solar loo's in rough terrain lighting driveway