Premium Solar Lights

Welcome to SunTino Solar Lights, your premier destination for high-quality, premium, USA-made solar lighting products.

Our High Quality Solar Products

We offer a diverse range of premium, high-end, solar lighting products.

The contemporary SOLARLOO series is the perfect choice for modern landscapes and homes.

Elevate your Garden with our USA Made SOLAR GARDEN Lights

Our premium Solar Flood Lights are USA Made and made of the highest quality you'll find.

The SOLARMESA luxury table top solar light features a sleek aluminum housing in black powder coat finish.

The SOLAR DOCK easily mounts to the side of any style of roll-in, sectional or permanent dock.

Safely exit your boat or pontoon in the evening hours. The new BOATLIFTLIGHT provides safety and security lighting without any wires!

About SunTino

SunTino is a manufacturer of premium landscape lighting fixtures for homes, landscapes, architecture, gardens, decks, fences, water features, waterfront, and outdoor areas. We have more than 3 decades of professional experience in building, designing, and installing customized outdoor lighting plans for home and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets. We specialize in highlighting the great outdoors with expert landscape lighting design. Designed and built to be Minnesota tough with high quality, durable lighting for all your landscape lighting needs. We have a team of trained landscape lighting designers and installers ready to take your yard to the next level. Committed to quality and durability since 1986, which makes SunTino the best solar light on the market.