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The SolarWall Pack series can be surface mounted on any type of surface in either upward or downward directions. Constructed from cast aluminum with stainless steel fasteners and a premium glass solar panel. The removable solar panel can be extended and moved to any sunny location to enable reliable lighting with the optional panel bracket! SunTino Wall pack is great for commercial, farm and residential use. See below just some of the wayt the SolarWall pack can be used.

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Sleek black design makes it perfect for any setting. Offering a professional look for office buildings, a rustic look for barns or contemporary for your home.
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Adjustable solar panel for upward lighting from any surface, perfect for columns, general architectural lighting and perimeter lighting.
Extremely bright lighting up to 500 lumens of direct light, perfect for security lighting.
wall pack
Adjustable solar panel for downward lighting from any surface, perfect for Doorways, alleyways and general architectural lighting.