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Updated gardens and walkways with plants, rocks, water features and ornaments may be stunning by day, but nearly invisible by night. Custom landscape lighting that is tailored to your project can enhance your current features while creating greater ambiance and safety in your garden landscape and along walkways and pathways. SunTino offers two styles of garden and pathway lighting. The Loo Series and the Garden Series. Both offer a bright powerful light without the wires!

Image-8-16-22-at-10.38-AM-1 SunTino Loo series
The Loo series is a contemporary light with a sleek “L” shaped look that blends in to any landscaping, or stands out just perfectly on a pathway. Offered in plain Aluminum, 6 different powder coat options and offered in White for Weddings or Events. SunTino Garden series
The G series is a take off of our sister company TouchStone Accent Lighting‘s BEST SELLER the coppertino. This light discretely blends into it’s surroundings while offering a lot of light at night. Loo nighttime- address SolarLoonight IMG_5475 copy 12 10 IMG_3560