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The inspiration for the Garden series SunTino started from our mother brand TouchStone Accent Lighting. Our best selling wired light called the Coppertino inspired us to create a similar design without the wires. The Coppertino was designed with inconspicuous style and functionality in mind. With a sleek minimalistic look, the Coppertino fits into every setting. Now, with the SunTino G series you can have the same experience… only in solar.

SHOP HERE Web-page-1 Customizable Height 
With the option to customize the height of your solar lighting, this light will be perfect for luscious gardens and outcroppings as well as your pathway! solar panel timer Hi-Tech technology 
The Solar Module for the SunTino is all inclusive. It has a timer, photocell and auto shut off built right in. With options of 4, 6, and 8 hour run times. With 3 intensity settings, you will not find another solar light with this many options. suntino-2 Color Options
Along with height customization the SunTino G series has multiple color choices to match your landscaping surroundings perfectly.

Brightness and Durability is unmatched

Unlike any Solar lighting fixture you have seen before this light is designed and built here in Minnesota, USA. It’s made of durable machined aluminum.  The LED is a bright 80-180 lumens with 3 different levels of intensity, a feature not offered by any other solar pathway lighting.

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