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About SunTino

SunTino is a manufacturer of premium landscape lighting fixtures for homes, landscapes, architecture, gardens, decks, fences, water features, waterfront, and outdoor areas. With more than 3 decades of professional experience in building, designing and installing customized outdoor lighting plans for home and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets. We specialize in lighting and highlighting the great outdoors with expert landscape lighting design. Designed and built Minnesota tough! High quality and durable lighting for all your landscape lighting needs. We also have a team of trained landscape lighting designers and installers ready to take your yard to the next level. We created the original Garden series SunTino to replicate our best selling wired light, the Coppertino. We have been committed since to creating the best solar alternatives for landscape lighting in the business since.

Meet the Owners

Mark & Lisa Hanson are the owners of SunTino Solar Lights.  They have been in the lighting business for over three decades. Mark and Lisa started lighting the world one home at a time with TouchStone Accent Lighting which is a manufacturer of professional grade 12v wired landscape lighting.  They created SunTino to continue lighting the world, even when wired lighting isn’t an option! Being in the lighting business, they know there is a time and a place for solar lighting whether it’s terrain related or lack of power. That’s why they designed a better, more durable, customizable line of solar lights that outlast all others on the market.